My irritation at being unable to regain my old Google mail was, to say the least, frustrating, and having been told it was not possible to regain information on my old account, I tried Steve, who more than promptly put everything right, and then sent me on my way………….Thats what I consider a service second to none for an Student, and a very welcome change from some individuals I’ve met in the past few years……….My sincerest congratulation to a man who understands ones needs …

George GreenStudent

I am very thankful to this service for repairing my laptop! I especially want to thank Steve, who has solved my problem really fast and dropped my laptop off to the office and back because i didn’t have any free time. Laptop works really good now after repairing, thanks to the master of the service! I would recommend this place to everyone who needs any high quality help with laptops and things like that!

Miriam OrangePhotographer

For a tour company aiming to attract clients from all over the world, a web site that is well-designed, functional, eye catching, highly visible and easily navigable is not just extremely desirable – it is essential to the success of the business. Steve has provided us with a site that incorporates all of these features and more. Our web site is the end product of an ongoing process that has involved consultation and co-operation at every stage – the result being a site that we think it would be difficult to improve upon. Steve is a pleasure to work with – always available and willing to offer advice, to put forward constructive suggestions and to make changes as and when necessary. We know that the website is doing exactly what we need it to do as prospective clients often cite it as one of the major elements that attracted them. The choice of Stephen Davies to design, develop and manage our website has been one of the most fortuitous decisions that the company has made.

Alex VioletDirector / Owner