home broadband setup

Home Internet Broadband Setup South Wales

If you are having issues with your broadband connection, want your broadband setup or just want to switch provider then don’t worry as I am are here to help. I can even setup your broadband for the whole household to share.

My Service comes as a fixed price of £50 (unless extra equipment is needed)

Price includes

  • Come to your house at a time that suits you.
  • Configure the broadband router internet connection. You are required to supply the credentials for your Internet Service Provider.
  • Set up the internal network for one PC to connect.
  • Enable Device Passwords.
  • Configure wireless networking
  • Provide full documentation of the Network and Security Settings after the visit.

Price DOES NOT include

  • Supplying additional hardware require including the wireless access point or router.
  • Resolving existing hardware and software issues.
  • Business or Commercial installations
  • Ongoing support.

What about my Service Provider?

I can speak to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) on your behalf ensuring that they do not offload their responsibility to you.  Some ISP’s talk  “tech speak” making you feel technically incompetent but the reality is it’s not your position to be the expert; that is their job.

In this situation I can relay the “real” issue ensuring you get the most from your ISP.


Common Broadband Problems

  • Cannot connect to the Internet at all
  • Have no idea how to setup my new router
  • Tech support line is useless
  • The Internet is slow
  • My connection intermittent and keeps dropping
  • I appear to be connected but cannot surf the web
  • You want to switch service provider.


I have over 20 years experience in the IT industry, there is not a computer problem that I havent seen and will always find the solution in the most quickest and cost effective manner.