Equine Horse Portraits South Wales
Professional Horse Photography in South Wales
Specialist in capturing the bond between you and your horse

My passion for equine horse portraits comes from my lifelong love of horses, I have always been amazed with the spirit and majesty of these incredible animals and through my love of photography I aim to capture images that showcase the bond between horse and owner. I work on location either in the countryside or at your farm / stables and will produce photos that are filled with personality and emotion.

Equine Horse Portraits South Wales
Equine Horse Portraits South Wales

Apart from taking photos in natural light, I also have a unique and exciting way to use flash photography to create dramatic images of your horse and you. My work has been published in many international publications including National Geographic.

How many photos will I receive?

I normally take a few hundred photos in a 1 -2 hour session and then edit these down to around a final 100 for you download and keep.


Do I have to be in the photos?

I would highly recommend you do have some done even if your camera shy to show the bond between you and your horse, but I’m also happy to focus more on just getting great portraits of your horse on his or her own.


How long does it take for the Equine Horse Portraits to be ready?

I work very quickly, in many cases I can get the photos back to you next day, but at the very latest it will be 3 days maximum.


Are you insured ?

Yes, I have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Equine Horse Portraits South Wales
Equine Horse Portraits South Wales

Studio Lighting

I have portable studio lighting that I can use if there is poor natural lighting, or even if the lighting is good, it can still be used to give the Equine Horse Portraits a bit more punch. Using a portable flash light allows me to control the light and create images that a camera can’t capture on its own. Don’t worry about scaring your horse with the flash, most horses are fine with it and I always test and take things slowly, if I see the slightest hint that the flash will stress your horse I won’t use it and I still have tricks and ways to get the studio lighting look for your Equine Horse Portraits using the available natural light.


Location, location, location

Although I’m happy to travel to you if you have suitable grounds or stables, but I’m also willing to meet you at you and your horses special place or if you would prefer a particular location in South Wales just let me know.


Group Bookings

If you have a group of friends that would like Equine Horse Portraits then why not all arrange to book me and meet up at a location, like a nearby beach and all share the time and cost, bringing the per person / horse cost down.



Everyone’s needs are different and at different locations, so instead of having a set price, I’d rather you contact me to discuss what type of Equine Horse Portraits you would like and then I can create a bespoke package just for you.


Gift Vouchers

You can purchase a package as a gift for family or friends, I have gift vouchers I can send in post or digitally via email for that last min gift idea